Building on the Shore

It has been a trying seven months for homeowners on the Jersey Shore. Superstorm Sandy damaged and destroyed so many properties and landmarks up and down the coast, and forever changed the way we, as a construction company, will build on the Shore.

The Falcon Industries crew has spent the past several months providing maintenance for homes that were lucky enough to have survived the majority of Sandy’s wrath, including installing new HVAC units, removing sand and debris from properties and entire neighborhoods, replacing insulation and drywall, and managing the “lifting” of homes and structures to comply with new flood elevations. For so many, the damage sustained was just too great, leaving us tasked with scheduling and overseeing the demolition of their residence.

While some of our customers are renovating and others rebuilding, everyone at Falcon Industries is working around-the-clock to ensure we meet the needs of homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy. With the summer season upon us, we will be preparing to build several new homes on Barnegat Island. Stay tuned to see our progress!